South Asian Games 2016 Statistics

By – Uddipta Ranjan Boruah


The 12th Edition of the South Asian Games were held from February 5th- 16th, 2016. The venues were spread over two Northeastern states of India namely Assam and Meghalaya. The 8 SAARC nations participated in this edition that was played with the motto “Play for Peace, Progress and Prosperity”. The mascot for 12th South Asian Games was “Tikhor”, the baby rhino. The famous song by Indian singer, lyricist, musician, poet, film-maker and much more from Assam Dr Bhupen Hazarika named, “Ei Prithibi ek Krirangan” was taken up as the official anthem. A total of 2,672 athletes competed in 226 events over 22 sports.

Medals Tally

Afghanistan: 7 (g); 9(s); 19(b)

Bangladesh: 4(g); 5(s); 56(b)

Bhutan: 0(g); 1(s); 15(b)

India: 188(g) 90(s) 30(b)

Maldives: 0(g); 2(s); 1(b)

Nepal: 3(g); 23(s); 34(b)

Pakistan: 12(g); 37(s); 57(b)

Sri Lanka: 25(g); 63(s); 98(b)

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